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Plantin’ Trees

There has been a lot of talk about the environment, much of it turning political in the past few years…  but one thing we can likely all agree on is that trees are good.  They help us breathe, they look good… and some are even worth a lot of money (the really tall ones).

In celebration of Earth Day 2010 this year, we teamed up with the Million Tree Challenge that they were running – which has a goal of planting 1 million trees, and is currently focused on planting trees in Haiti where much help is needed.  See for more details on their project.

We decided to pledge a certain amount of trees on Earth Day based on a metric from affiliate activity – and ended up donating 3,500 trees to the campaign…  Thanks to all the Merchants and Affiliates who made this possible!! :)

Brian Littleton

By Brian Littleton

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