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Affiliate Aquarium – #affaqua

At the Affiliate Summit a week or so ago, we launched a new social platform within our network called the Affiliate Aquarium. #affaqua

You’ll find all the usual suspects in social networks such as searching for and making friends, groups, blogs, events, etc…

Our goal is to create a more open communication platform where Affiliates and Merchants can be introduced to each other based on their mutual interests (either professional or personal). It has been our experience that increased communication leads to greater realized profits for both parties.

We are going to donate $5 for each person (Affiliate or Merchant) who sets up a profile on the Affiliate Aquarium platform between now and the end of the month (Jan 31). After we add all that up – we are going to double the amount… Whatever number that is, up to $15,000 – we are going to donate to the Mercy Corps to help their efforts in Haiti.

So for the next 5 days or so, if you are interested in learning about how social network can strengthen relationships within an affiliate network … you’ll also be helping us help those who need it in Haiti.

To find your Affiliate Aquarium account, and get started… just log into your ShareASale account. On the bottom right side of the main menu you’ll see a link for “Affiliate Aquarium”.

We’ve got a live walkthrough scheduled for February as well, feel free to sign up!

And, there is an additional writeup on the Affiliate Aquarium at Affiliate(Tip)

Brian Littleton

By Brian Littleton

Brian is the Founder and President of ShareASale - a 13 year old Chicago based software firm that helps connect online retailers with bloggers and webmasters. He can be found online at @brianlittleton and on brianlittleton.shareist.com Brian writes about internet marketing, College Football (CF Show), golf, hockey, social media, and cartoons!

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