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Affiliate API

Greetings everyone, just a quick post to let you know of the initial sections of the Affiliate API being released today for use.

You man run an API request by directing your server to make calls to ours accompanied by a list of parameters. These parameters are required to run reports properly, and each report has more detailed information on each parameter when you login.

Reports available include Activity Details, Timespan Reports, Today’s Stats, Void Trails, Merchant Status, along with several others.

If you login to your Affiliate Account, you’ll see the API Manager listed in the “Tools” section.

Brian Littleton

By Brian Littleton

Brian is the Founder and President of ShareASale - a 13 year old Chicago based software firm that helps connect online retailers with bloggers and webmasters. He can be found online at @brianlittleton and on Brian writes about internet marketing, College Football (CF Show), golf, hockey, social media, and cartoons!

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