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Merchants: Going to New York for Affiliate Summit?

by Sarah Beeskow Blay - July 29, 2014

We are packing our bags and gearing up for the largest Affiliate Marketing conference! It's always a great show for us and if you are also …

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Tagging and Segmentation Infographic

[Infographic] How Are Merchants Organizing and Segmenting Their Affiliates?

by Brian Littleton - April 30, 2014

Using affiliate tags is one of the best ways to interject personality into a program. With tags, affiliate managers are able to label their …

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Datafeed Tune Up Webinar

Free Slide Deck from ShareASale’s “Datafeed Tuneup Webinar”

by Ryan Frey - April 21, 2014

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar for a number of ShareASale Merchants entitled “Datafeed Tune Up”. We discussed the …

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What do I need to start an Affiliate Program? Part 5 of 5: A Budget

by Brian Littleton - April 14, 2014

Just like everything else in life, finding a place to start is often the hardest part!  In this section, we will outline five key …

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Product Discovery Bookmarklet Tool

by Brian Littleton - September 18, 2014

We often hear from our Affiliates and Bloggers that the process of ...1.  Picking a product to promote and2.  Then getting the link to that product.... can be time consuming and difficult. So, as a …

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How I Made A Fun Interactive Creative – in 4 Minutes

by Brian Littleton - June 18, 2014

I love dogs.  And I love Halloween.  Now, some of you might think it is too early to think about a costume... but basically it never is.  :)So - I wanted to make a fun, interactive piece of …

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Make-A-Page Updated, and a New Feature for Bloggers

by Brian Littleton - June 16, 2014

We've relaunched the popular Make-A-Page feature with some updated formatting and new blog tools available... take a look at the tour below:How Do I Use Make-A-Page and What does it "Make"?There are 2 examples …

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