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Tip of the Day: Newsletter Macros

by Sarah Beeskow Blay - February 10, 2016

Using macros in your Affiliates newsletters is a great way to speed up the process of finding and inserting content. There are many macros …

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How to Engage Affiliates After Q4 – Part 2

by Morgan Miller - February 4, 2016

  How to Engage Affiliates After Q4 - Part 2 Welcome to part two of “Engaging Affiliates After Q4”! As you may recall, part one …

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Tip of the Day: Recruitment

by ShareASale Contributor - February 3, 2016

To maximize your recruitment efforts, make sure you have a landing page for your Affiliate Program info available to the public!This is a …

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Natalie Slater ShareASale Affiliate

How to Become a Great Affiliate Partner (Tips From a Pro Blogger!)

by Sarah Beeskow Blay - January 14, 2016

Photo courtesy of Sean Dorgan Affiliate Marketing is based on symbiotic relationships, but in this case, they are not between the …

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Need Valentine’s Day Ideas? Look No Further!

by Kristen Gajda - February 9, 2016

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I recalled a press release on Market Watch from a couple years ago with the title "Valentine's Day 2014: More Americans Say They'll Spend for Love". It featured a few …

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valentines day for him

Must-Have-Merchants: Valentine’s Day for Him

by ShareASale Contributor - February 8, 2016

180 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged between loved ones every year.Want to get more than just a card, but still not sure what to get himfor Valentine's Day? Finding the perfect gift doesn't have to …

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Must-Have-Merchants: Valentine’s Day For Her

by ShareASale Contributor - February 1, 2016

Every February Valentine’s Day shoppers spend $18.9 billion on their loved ones, which includes more than 58 million pounds of chocolate! If you're still hunting down the perfect "something" for that special …

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